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Web Redemption for Afro Ninja Mark Allen Hicks who had problems with his backflip while auditioning for a Nike commercial.; Daniel's Extreme Salvia Challenge which involves Daniel attempting the Saltine cracker challenge and the cinnamon challenge, while on Salvia, after which he attempts to crack 100 coconuts, all in under one minute; Dave Attell and Bree Olson play beer pong.

Video of man unable to break any nuts in an attempt to break a record on breaking coconuts that first aired on Aftenshowet on DR1 in Denmark.

Crush video of a woman with fat feet crushing inanimate objects.

Adam Kepler also shows up for hugs and kisses Kato Kaelin mocking Charlie Schmidt's Keyboard Cat.

A few drinks deep and trying your best to fight off a migraine from the bass of the house music.

Everyone is dancing, drinking and enjoying themselves but you stick to the back with your buddies to have another round.

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