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You also find lots of other information about Great Britain on the site. , where this article first appeared, was published Anno Mundi 5770.It was rebuilt to the design of the prominent Victorian architect G. Street in 1867, yet still retains a small amount of medieval masonry in the north wall.The Church of the Venerable Bede is more modern building, dating back to 1957 and also houses a multi-functional hall which is used for all age groups.But it is the Christian era, counting 'the years of the Lord' from the birth of Christ, that is now ubiquitous in business, politics and historical writing.In that system, it is 2009 - but should one say ad 2009 or, as is increasingly common among scholars, 2009 CE - 2009 of the 'Common Era'?

Wrote works on the lives of five abbots and 114 saints as well as several biblical commentaries, hymns, verses and books.

Bede (also known as The Venerable Bede) lived from 672–735.

He was one of the most influential scholars in medieval Europe.

Chronology/Biography of the Venerable Bede: Famous for popularising a new dating system, which began events from the birth of Christ. The porch in the tower would have been used by Bede himself (copyright Anthony Blagg) Ordained as a priest. Places of Interest: COUNTY DURHAM: Durham Cathedral.

Family Background: Nothing is known of the Venerable Bede’s parentage. Peter at Wearmouth at the age of 7 by the Abbott, St. Education: Educated by Monks at Wearmouth and Jarrow. The Abbey buildings where Bede studied were to the right of the church as we look at it and although long gone, the recent floodings from the River Wear have shown up outlines of the foundations. He made several commentaries on the Old and New Testaments and translated the Gospel of St. (Bede wrote many other works particularly on books of the Bible throughout his life such as “On the Revelation of St. Site of Grave: Originally at Jarrow but his bones were moved in the Eleventh Century to the Galilee Porch, Durham Cathedral, Durham, County Durham, England.

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