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Windows 10's pen features are getting a huge update with the addition of Sticky Notes, Sketchpad, and Screen Sketch.

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update ships with a lot of new improvements and features to make you more productive using the keyboard and mouse, as well as using touch.

MS needs to dump the Balmer's ploy of trying to emulate Jobs' success with Apple and stop trying to force an Apple like OS on their supporters. Everybody thought it was dated and tacky "believe it or not". Problem is that MS never (as MS usually is wont to do) tell the back story or even better embed into Windows a link to the video to show what they did and what and why they were thinking when they created that whole image to begin with!

MS is like a golfer without a follow through swing - a great technique but always leaves out one thing making them only an "Okay" player.

Sometimes this Slide Show feature doesn't work for many Windows users. Lock Screen" and then selected "Slideshow" option from the drop-down box.

The Windows Ink Workspace is divided into four main sections: at the top, you will see the icons to launch the new Sticky Notes, Sketchpad, and Screen Sketch.

The data is useful for improving your photography and can also be quite interesting, especially if you're a geek.

To find photos you recently uploaded, click the Albums section, then click Last import.

Often, you’ll need to add photos from an external source, such as a memory card or pen drive.

To do that, insert the drive into your PC, click the Import icon at the top-right.

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