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Oftentimes, the Backup Machine is your last production server when you upgrade to a new IBM i server, like retaining your POWER6 8203-E4A when you replace it with your new POWER8 8286-41A.

It can also be a Capacity Backup Unit (CBU) – the same server configuration as the production server except designated as the CBU target server when you order both servers new.

To help advance a few careers, let me share a few things with my legacy AS/400 brethren.

First, if you are looking for a job, you have to understand that the AS/400 does not exist anymore; that platform has been gone for a very long time.

Other users can create new console connections to the same server.

However, each user's connection requires a unique device id.

They are experts in CL programming, SDA, PDM, and even RLU, but they are having trouble finding a job in the AS/400 market as they find that the market is shrinking.

When you have a Backup Machine, IBM permits you to have copies of your IBM Licensed Program Products (LPPs) on your target server without paying a license fee.

For midrange IBM i users a second copy of IBM LLPs generally costs in a range of ,000 – ,000 or more.

So it is a good deal to get your target server IBM LLPs WITHOUT paying the license fees.

IBM requires special registration to get your IBM LLPs for your Backup Machine.

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