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Equally, we were a bit surprised when Konami informed us that we were going to get Suikoden IV on these shores, albeit for different reasons. It certainly is, although we'd be slow to class it in the same bracket as the likes of Final Fantasy, Star Ocean or Tales.The original two games on the Play Station were fantastic in parts, if somewhat disappointingly traditional in other respects, and Suikoden III - which was released in the USA, but not in Europe - gave the series a gloss of 3D polish and added a number of new gameplay elements and a unique three-perspective narrative style which set the game apart from the competition.The storyline is one of the better to be found in the often poorly-translated JRPG genre, and the purposely traditional design focuses fully on gameplay, and it doesn’t disappoint.also has some unique features, most notably the Additions system that features user-input combos to open up more powerful attacks.This entry was detected by the folks at, and was also recorded by the Gensui Kouryaku Shinsho fansite.Based on precidence, this is a strong indication that Suikoden 5 is already in production. 4th, 2003-- Pronounciation Archive Another new, unique, and original content for (Other sites just copy our stuff!!

Also, you can hear the sexay voices of Ivonne, Iscalio, and SARSadmin!Apologies: we had to do that annoying thing where we split the article over two pages. doesn't try to follow many of its stable mates by using flashy 3D or technical prowess.As regular readers know, we only do this on very long pieces here, and have no urge to get you to click 50 times to see the entirety of a list. Instead, it simply goes for pure, traditional JRPG 2D quality, and sees you recruiting a myriad of characters to aid you in your fight.The thriving Japanese RPG genre is still a bit of a voyage of discovery for western gamers.The obvious international mega-franchise that is Final Fantasy aside, it's a genre full of smaller franchises and series which have a relatively long history in the Far East but which arrive on these shores like new and strange creatures washed up from the ocean's depths.

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