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• David Cameron launches astonishing attack on Boris Johnson • Boris attacks PM's 'wildly exaggerated' Brexit fears • How the Tories descended into open warfare over the EU • Exclusive: Boris explains why he is joining Leave campaign • Boris's dad Stanley: It could be career-ending for him • Pound suffers biggest drop in a year after Boris declaration • Culture minister bets £1,000 Cameron will stay on as PM post-Brexit The Conservative truce over the European Union referendum on Monday collapsed as the Prime Minister attacked Boris Johnson and Cabinet ministers openly criticised one another, write Peter Dominiczak and Christopher Hope.

In a sign of the deepening divisions over the in-out referendum, David Cameron used a Commons appearance to openly condemn Mr Johnson, who on Sunday announced that he would campaign to take Britain of the EU.

Priti Patel, a leading figure in the Vote Leave campaign, said: “The Prime Minister has tried hard but the EU refused to give the British people what they want.” The infighting in the Conservative Party came as: Speaking in the Commons on Monday, Mr Cameron repeatedly rebuked Mr Johnson, the Mayor of London.

He initially focused his attack on an apparent suggestion from Mr Johnson that a “Brexit” could lead to a second referendum which Britain could use to negotiate a better settlement from Brussels.

Referring to his own commitment to step down before the next election, Mr Cameron said: “I am not standing for re-election, I have no other agenda than what is best for our country.” The open dispute between the two senior Tories appears to undermine an appeal made by the Prime Minister on Saturday when he asked his ministers to ensure that the EU debate was “orderly, well-mannered debate”.

Today, in his Daily Telegraph column, Lord Hague, the former foreign secretary, warns that the Conservatives could lose the next general election if the referendum battle becomes a bitter war between opposing tory factions.

His political ascent was rapid; he became, successively, Under-Secretary of State for the Colonies, President of the Board of Trade, Home Secretary, and First Lord of the Admiralty, all before he was 40 years old.

The Red River Rebellion (or the Red River Resistance, Red River Uprising, or First Riel Rebellion) was the sequence of events that lead up to the 1869 establishment of a provisional government by the Métis leader Louis Riel and his followers at the Red River Colony, in what is now the Canadian province of Manitoba.

For a period it had been a territory called Rupert's Land under control of the Hudson's Bay Company.

Winston Churchill in politics: 1900 to 1939 documents the career of Winston Churchill in Parliament from its beginning in 1900 to the start of his term as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in World War II.

Churchill entered Parliament as member for Oldham in 1900 as a Conservative.

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