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So without further ado, here’s two years of the most common mobile web problems and what you can do about them.

Being denied access to an experience is easily the biggest problem mobile web users face. There are many flavors of denying access to mobile users: “Mobile version coming soon! ” and other nonsense phrases litter these experiences. Denying users an experience because of the size of their screen or the orientation in which they hold their device is a bizarrely bad idea.

Whether you’re a beginner with little to no knowledge of music production or a an experienced producer with tracks already signed to labels, Point Blank something to offer you.

Being a self-taught, University of You Tube, producer I found this opportunity quite intriguing.

They come to websites on their mobile devices looking for information, looking to solve problems, looking to complete tasks, looking for answers. Offering these empty words doesn’t do much to help a user who is unable to achieve their immediate goals. “Looks like you’re using an unsupported browser, even though you’re on a perfectly capable Android browser.” In an age of UA sniffing gone wild, mobile browsers often catch the short end of the stick.

Yes, Flash objects are still causing issues for mobile browsers, especially with regards to video content. I especially love how You Tube for the company’s decision to not make videos containing copyrighted songs available on mobile devices.

Cookies, unsupported formats, advanced functionality, and a whole lot more contribute to mobile web users’ collective frustration. Give people what they want regardless of how they access the Web.

Take Stephen Hay’s advice: Until recently, the most common mobile web strategy was to create a separate mobile-only website (or m. Having two separate sites means having to point the right device classes to the right experience. In practice, however, it’s a nightmare that barely anyone gets right.

” because, traditionally for us, the states have been difficult to gain momentum.

Barney was a gregarious and intelligent interview subject who answered our questions and then some before going out to destroy the audience for the better part of an hour with a setlist that contained a little bit of everything from the band's 20 year history.

Magazine EIC) was kind of an old friend of ours and I think he’s been wanting to do something with us for awhile.

Even if you haven’t been there for 3 years, you go back and you get the feeling that people have already seen you.

Like you play again, they’ve seen you, they don’t want to see you again for at least another year-and-a-half.

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