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To view a document that tracks the service status of the different OS Vendors as known to BMC Support, see the following BMC Communities document: OS Patching Vendor Health Dashboard Product Mappings are subject to change due to updates by Microsoft (and therefore Shavlik).

If the updates occur before BMC Server Automation has shipped updates in the product, you can use a Windows Filter Configuration File to update the mappings used by If you have upgraded to BMC Server Automation 86 or later, you may still be using the, or HF7configuration files for Windows patching.

If you are a customer, this is the complete list of software we offer for download from a public site.

If you are unable to find the software you are seeking, please contact your Teradata account representative who may be able to set you up with a private download site."uda SQL" provides a Dev Ops focused SQL Execution Engine that allows the developer to focus on their SQL and Procedural algorithms while ensuring that the needs of the Operations team are addressed by embedding operational and query logging directly into the engine.

Setting up the replicator for production 2.1 Setting up Multi Site as a Windows service 2.2 Setting up Multi Site as a Linux/Unix service 2.3 Toggling the quorum check 2.4 About Watchdog mode 2.5 Using SSL 2.6 Setting the server key 2.7 Using SSL for both LDAP and emails 3. Managing users 4.1 Get user 4.2 Get all users 4.3 Update user 4.4 Delete user 4.5 Create user 4.6 Update user password: encrypted 4.7 Update user password: unencrypted 4.8 Toggle system administrator permission 4.9 Enable user 4.10 Disable user 4.11 Generic file replication 4.12 Auto skip bypassable transactions 4.13 Change the distinguishing node 4.14 List disabled users 4.15 List admin users 4.16 Search repository access information 5.

Replicator management 1.1 Adding a node 1.2 Removing a node 1.3 Creating a new replication group 1.4 Deleting a replication group 1.5 Adding a repository 1.6 Removing a repository 1.7 Moving a repository to another replication group 1.8 Setting Multi Site to start up on system boot 1.9 Changing the Subversion replicated client port 1.10 Shutting down Multi Site 2. Synchronisation 3.1 Sync stop 3.2 Sync resume 3.3 Sync status 3.4 Toggle LDAP login authentication 3.5 Toggle LDAP admin authentication 4.

To know if a smart card reader is CCID compliant and should be supported by this driver but is not listed bellow Just get the source code of this driver and do: All the readers are also included in a big matrix.

You can use an interactive reader selection tool at: Reader selection.

The Teradata Database Developer (Single Node) with SSD local storage is the same full-feature data warehouse software that powers analytics at many of the world's greatest companies.

Teradata Database Developer includes Teradata Columnar and rights to use: Teradata Parallel Transporter (TPT), including the Load, Update, and Export operators; Teradata Studio; and Teradata Tools and Utilities (TTU).

These tools are included with the Teradata Database AMI or available as a free download.

If you have general questions or bug reports you should use the Pcsclite-muscle mailing list.

First search the mailing list archives (old MUSCLE list archives).

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