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For information, see New Installation Features in Open Solaris 2008.11. The desktop includes Firefox, Thunderbird, and other core applications.

is enabled to automatically manage your network interfaces.

This live CD is intended to be as close as possible to the default Open BSD when installed on a hard disk.

Status: The Open Solaris project has updated its web site to reflect the release of Open Solaris 2008.11, the project's second stable release.

Note: This Live-CD is designed to boot Yes, opposite to default AI image we already give default use a ROOT role.

VA Live-CD prototype is focused on current (actual) Open Solaris 200906 release, so many scripts and other deliverables described bellow must be treated just as Proof-of-Concepts, which can be immediately “Smell and Touched”.

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"The Open Solaris 2008.11 operating system is a point of integration for the installation, desktop, and package management system projects on Open

VA Live-CD will as Po C (Proof of Concept) demonstrate all known and needed steps of VM creation as modules or/and their recipes taking as a sample building process of Open Solaris 200906 Je OS VM install and creation itself.

Virtual Assistant Live-CD Po C will be designed to help off load from VM creators not play-load / content related based tasks in VM Images / Templates / Appliance build process especially Steps 1 and 4-7 with focus on their possible future automation in standardized environment of Virtual Assistant Live-CD Po C.

The resulting distribution is a live CD install image, and is fully permissible to be redistributed by anyone.

Create a Open Solaris 200906 Helper Live-CD Proof of Concept with can help End Users and Developers to deliver faster VM Images/Templates/Appliances based on current mainline Open Solaris 200906 release.

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