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Therefore, if you have already used your device with this program, you can recover one of your previous libraries.

To restore your i Pod / i Phone / i Pad library follow these steps: If it fails, please read this article.

I don't want to advertise any names here, if you just search the board that you want with the word clone next to it, you will find some.

Perhaps more than any other i Pod product, the i Pod nano has been the subject of significant experimentation by Apple, with the company trying out a number of different form factors based on a click wheel interface before moving to an i Pod shuffle-shaped design centered around a multi-touch screen and eventually settling on a design more like a miniature i Pod touch with the current seventh-generation models released in October 2012.

Don't worry, in this instructable I will show you how to easily install a bootloader to your new clone..let's see how it's done.. they don't have an ftdi chip, which may cause your computer to not see the arduino once plugged in with the usb.

if this is the case, please follow these steps; https://

thanks to author Gegec for his help on noticing the problem and solving it as well :)It is very easy to find a clone of any board on the internet. They are extremely cheap, I have seen pinless nano boards as low as online.

You just have to do some work on your end, which is a very fair give and take if you ask me..

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