My crush is dating an ugly girl

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The lecture talked about the duplicity in the German language with whether the title …

birthday, I learned the valuable lesson “Love is not enough.” It wasn’t a personal learning experience – I Just witnessed the fallout between friends.

Continue reading Pedestrian Oscar polls have been sent. Quibbling about domestic supremacy in the Best Picture category continues.

Championing great “foreign” films may be a broken record, but with enough fight, maybe the status quo will change. Continue reading During my UPenn ugrad Nazi Cinema course, Fritz Lang stuck in my memory due to his powerful M (1931) showing with a shockingly chubby Peter Lorre.

We clicked,( because I have game from approaching a thousand women in one year). I sent her a few messages and asked her out for coffee.

Director Francis Ford Coppola dominated critical and proletariat success with that trilogy, and Pacino as the leader upon which action revolved became a secure casting …

I have answers on this page, but if you’re really desperate?

First of all, before you scroll to the replies to ask me a question….(I get over 11,000 queries for, “Why won’t she text me back,” Per month). I get a lot of texting questions like, “How do I text her so that she replies? ”There are some common rules when texting, or utilizing social media.

Relationships need love, but love cannot conquer all.

Relationships also those other silly things like respect, the ability to change, stability, and understanding.

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