Mapsource when updating invalid command line

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(The utility may be downloaded here and is called GPSmapper, and has just recently been updated to version 0.0044 which includes an automatic installer) I initially started looking for a utility to generate custom maps from a desire to map local golf courses that I play regularly and I was getting frustrated that no such function existed with Map Source or sold separately by Garmin.

I even tried to contact Garmin who indicated that they have no intention of marketing one.

The source of this lookup can be any of the types listed in the sections below, and enumerated in the is used, the Map Source is a filesystem path to a plain-text mapping file, containing one space-separated key/value pair per line.

Optionally, a line may contain a comment, starting with a '#' character.

One of these values will be chosen at random if the key is matched.

For example, you can use the following map file and directives to provide a random load balancing between several back-end servers, via a reverse-proxy.

The nfs-utils package is now a part of both the 'NFS file server' and the 'Network File System Client' groups.

As such, it is no longer installed by default with the Base group.

My example is for a golf course, but the process is the same regardless of content.The following is a list of requirements needed in order to generate custom maps using this method as detailed below.In order to generate my custom map, I obtained accurate geographic readings by using a combination of aerial photographs, actual tracks, way points and cross reference's to street maps obtained from my GPS receivers base map.The following article gives step by step instructions for generating a map which is downloadable to the Garmin series of GPS receivers.Much of this information is available in the help text files that come with the GPSmapper utility used to generate these custom maps.

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