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The technological story is one of horse drawn trams being superseded by steam powered and then electric versions, ultimately to be replaced by buses.Whilst we might look back at previous forms of transport with nostalgia, in reality, by the time trams finally departed from the streets of Burnley, most residents were glad to see the back of them as they were slow, noisy and uncomfortable compared to the new, quieter, warmer, more flexibly-routed buses.

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The story of its trams is also typical of many towns and cities across the UK.

The lantern slide has its origins in 17th century optical viewing devices which came to be known as “magic lanterns.” The earliest slides for magic lanterns consisted of hand-painted images on glass, projected by itinerant showmen telling stories about the images that were projected.

They can be recognized by the simple paint areas applied with a brush and the obvious brush strokes.

In this case though, trams really did change social mobility.

The introduction of cheap, efficient, public transport enabled people to live further away from their work, shops and places of entertainment and to move out of town centres where the factories were located, to the outskirts where life was greener and healthier.

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