How long after dating to be exclusive

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I haven't dated anyone since I have met him by choice but I have noticed that he logs on to POF about once every 2 weeks or so. You might care about him, and enjoy him, but you do not, or should not, want to to have to bed all those others that might have been with him and you do not know about.At what point should I ask wether he is still seeking to date other people and if so should I mention that I have seen him online? Ask to mutually get tested, and to be exclusive.....let him get on line all he long as you know who he is with and where he hangs his shorts.....;)cd If 2 people like each other and express that to each other they usually want to be exclusive."You're spending a lot of time together, going out on dates, meeting each other's friends, and not seeing anyone else.Sounds like a girlfriend to me." "It is an unspoken understanding," he said, "In agreeing to be exclusive, we're basically saying, 'I like you and want to see if this continues to be good, so I won't do anything with anyone else that could mess this up, but officially calling you is a little too much at this point.'" Ok, so...To make sure you are both on the same page TALK about it and clarify your intentions and then discuss if you still will be talking to others on POF.Sometimes couples still go to the POF parties and talk on the Forums.She may tend to cling and claw at her partner in hopes to fill the void that she has not yet learned to fill by herself.Hence, she will want to force “the talk” in order to fill this void as quickly as possible.

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I don’t know how anybody can think that, after 5 dates, you can determine whether or not you and another person are compatible in the long term.Also making her proud was that she laid down the law about how she wouldn’t have sex until they were exclusive. Now, I can’t think of a bigger recipe for disaster than this. To agree to swear off all other partners when you don’t even know if this particular person will satisfy you is a huge risk. But let’s examine the bigger issues of exclusivity and commitment.A man who does this is hard up or doesn’t like/care about sex or doesn’t think it’s a priority. Why would someone commit after a handful of dates/weeks? “I’ll agree to stay with you for as long as this works or until I meet someone else.” Commitment, true commitment, does not include or involve takesies-backsies. Call me cynical and jaded all you like…I think the shelf-life of a relationship that starts off like this or where exclusivity is decided upon within the first month is very brief.I don’t even know how people can do that after a year, what with how people are constantly evolving and changing. The need to say that they have a boyfriend overpowers them.Without a man in their life (or without male attention) their lives are empty and meaningless.

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