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You can't end up just imitating yourselves, that's preposterous to me."Lydon reveals the recordings in his new memoirs, Anger is an Energy, which charts his journey from vilified threat to society at the Sex Pistols' Palace-baiting peak, to LA-dwelling, butter-advertising cultural commentator, who still performs with Public Image Limited and reserves the right to lash out at mediocrity and conformism wherever he sees fit.

After a number of lucrative reunion tours, the Pistols have split for good, he insists.

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"We finally decided amongst each other that we really didn't like each other at all. "Lydon remains protective of punk's legacy and his own role in the music and fashion explosion that convulsed Britain. Go back to making frocks."Westwood's bondage trousers, a signature item of the punk movement, caused the young Rotten serious chafing down below. If you're going to make clothes for men, you've got to be aware we have a unit between our legs and you've got to accommodate it."The bondage idea was mine anyway.

Dame Vivienne Westwood, the designer who provided the outrageous outfits for the scene's early adopters, gets short shrift for claiming that she came up with the idea and title for "Anarchy in the UK"."The silly cow is claiming she had the idea for 'Anarchy'? I got it from a photoshoot when I wrapped myself in a real straitjacket. Leave well alone, you silly cow – or, in her case, get off and milk it."Lydon was "infuriated" when U2 asked permission to use a Pistols clip as a backdrop to their performance at the launch of the i Phone 6 – "They're selling Apple product, it's just a commercial". It's best place to be."A gong might not be in the offing, but an unlikely collaboration with Andrew Lloyd Webber, after he was cast as King Herod in a planned US touring production of , has given Lydon a surprise thirst for treading the boards.

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