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It’s rare that the forced in forced feminization is real. These fantasies typically involve hot girls forcing a man into being feminized.

Other elements could involve involve public humiliation, taking photos or videos to post on social media and more.

Expect to see more of the old classics coming real soon over there! The incredibly sexy Miss Carmen 🙂 Miss Anna isn’t a fan of short hair on women but for me I think she looks hot as hell!

It was a real honour for me to be put over her knee that day!

Seriously porn just doesn't do it for many anymore.

The reviews here are true and non biased even if I do own some of the sites, I will try to keep things equal.

Please take note not a single image in the custom hosted galleries is supposed to be used in other sites, other than that, CHG = Custom Hosted Gallery - Images I had permission to extract from members areas in pay sites to share with you and not found anywhere!

PG = Promotional/Contribution Gallery - Galleries sent to me by webmasters and also some promotional galleries for affiliate websites, some might be exclusive for only :) Please also note that not all galleries start with 1, the number can kick off from 18 for example because of past contribution galleries that was too huge and some links might also be dead, its just to keep track of total contribution galleries to date, current champion of contributions is Mean Clips !!!

Every day more people are moving from watching porn videos to having real webcam sessions with mistresses.

The two sites I've had the best experience with are listed below. A completely secure and private adult playground for the femdom community. All the mistresses are very open and can talk with you about anything for hours.

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