Embarssing dating stories

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I could fill pages and pages with horror stories (HA!

)…then again, what single woman in her 30’s couldn’t?

A few years ago, a cute guy I met in class asked me out.

I was pretty excited to hang out with him outside of school and so obviously I added him on Facebook and then stalked him on there as I was getting ready for our date.

There was the guy who asked me for at the end of an otherwise perfectly normal date (the full story is in my book ); there’s the guy who treated our coffee date like a therapy session and within the first five minutes, I knew that his ex had left him at the altar and why; and most recently, there was Rejection Guy.

He was probably the most heinous of the Parade of Frogs, as he literally wore rejection on his sleeve.

By the time he picked me up, I knew everything about him, from where he had gone to high school to the names of three of his ex-girlfriends.

Things were going pretty well, until we started talking about vacations for some reason.

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People have posted their "worst date ever" stories to Whisper, a website that collects anonymous confessions, and some of them are doozies.

I went to clean it, but there was a single square of toilet paper left.

I scooped it with the empty roll, smearing the poop into his floor, hid the roll in the trash, and left.

Well, these guys (and their dates) were not so lucky.

Here, 12 guys give their most cringeworthy first-date stories, purely for your enjoyment. "I brought her to a diner right off of our college campus.

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