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Remembering the details of a dream is the best way to interpret it correctly.

If you dreamed of a date, it is always a clue and in you want to avoid complications in real life you need to interpret it with caution.We’ve all had that feeling of waking up and thinking, “WHERE DID THAT COME FROM?! ”I had a dream about a random kid from my high school last year. Thank the LORD that Lauri managed to use her expertise to make me feel less like a total freak.Lauri started off by telling me that having pervy sex dreams don’t make us quite as pervy as we thought: Sex in a dream is rarely about sex at all!If you dreamed of any date, it means that soon some important event will take place (birthday, anniversary, wedding, etc.) and you will take part in this event, and perhaps even become the culprit of the celebration.If you happen to choose the date for an important event but other people don’t agree with you, in reality you have to substantially revise own plans.

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