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Regardless of his displeasure, the rock world was thrilled to hear ‘Who’s Next’ and its groundbreaking lead track, ‘Baba O’Riley’ when they were released in 1971.

The opening synthesizer loop works as an immediately ear-catching hook, but it was no mere gimmick, also serving as the fundamental foundation of the song.

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Only a young guy but he's pretty sweet and there had been lots of gay forum gossip about him turning up at Manchester gay clubs etc, hanging out with the guys. A lot of celebrities read the gossip sites and when they see just how deeply invested the fans are about them being straight, it probably scares them shitless that they will lose all their fans. Of course there R some fangurls who R simple, but most are kool, most would support an out gay celeb. i didn;t know she came out just a few years ago and had been married with children before.

If Pete Townshend of the Who had his way, the album that bore the band’s classic anthem ‘Baba O’ Riley’ (often mistakenly referred to as ‘Teenage Wasteland’ based on the song’s famous chorus) would have sounded completely different.

Townshend originally planned to top the band’s previous project, 1969’s ‘Tommy,’ with an even more ambitious rock opera concept called ‘Lifehouse.’ Alas, like Icaraus himself, Townshend’s ambitions were too much for his grasp, and the project ground to a halt amid band dissension and a near-nervous breakdown for its chief architect.

After signing with Elektra Records they re-released the album.

staying in the charts for 114 weeks after its release.

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