Dating someone with overindulged kids

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While his story is about family buying too many special-occasion gifts for his daughter, habitual overindulgence by parents in the long term can have a detrimental effect on children, their expectations and how they relate to others, experts say.

Hes out all the time in the summer mnths but the winter mnths buy the time hes home from school its to dark...........On the three hour drive home, Husband and I–seriously concerned by our daughter’s inability to enjoy the moment–made a point to talk about all the neat stuff we had seen, what our favorite reptiles were, and how funny Trouble had been holding the snake. In the weeks that followed, Chuck and I talked a lot about how we were going to handle this lack of contentment we were noticing.By the time we made it home the Build-a-Dino had been forgotten. Then one morning near the end of July, after telling my kids to clean their room for the umpteenth time, I made the somewhat impulsive–albeit pre-warned–decision to take away ALL their stuff.Joey, Natalie, and their father, Rich Mc Farlane, gather around their Christmas tree to explain their family's technique for avoiding overindulgence during the holiday season on Wednesday, Dec 10, 2014, in Grand Forks, N. (Logan Werlinger/Grand Forks Herald)"Then my in-laws come to town for Christmas and load her up," he said."Then we travel to see my parents and siblings in Florida and she gets loaded up there.

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