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This month, we’re focusing on mentorship since it’s officially National Mentor Month.

We’ve talked about 3 ways prophytes can be better mentors, where the lack of deference derives from and now we’re talking to the Neos. …” From there, 8 times out of 10 they’re going to start diving into “your process” and whatever that may or may not have entailed.

Find out if you can be open about your relationship with your fraternity brother.

Some fraternities accept gay members, while others create an environment that is not accepting of homosexuality.

This could be because they’re inactive (which could be for a variety of reasons).Part of that means being a good brother, or more simply a good friend.If this guy snaked another guy’s girlfriend, then that is a red flag regarding his character in my opinion.However, there are a lot of pieces to your story that we don’t know here.Was the relationship with the brother over and if so for how long? Assuming that the relationships didn’t overlap, I think the fraternity should give the bid.

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