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” nuclear reaction that slimes everything in radiation and leaves everyone, self included, emotionally flayed. Stop expecting them to do what you want, try to understand where they’re coming from, and you’ll soon discover that they start appreciating you a lot more.

Regina: Ma'am, do you have this in the next size up?

The pieces of land in dispute became known as "kuleana lands."He writes, "Our intention is to achieve an outcome that preserves the environment, respects local traditions, and is fair to those with Kuleana lands." He pledged to "work with the community on a new approach."Zuckerberg's quiet title lawsuits named hundreds of Hawaiians with small claims on parcels of land that may have conflicted with his own, sparking a backlash from the community he sought to join.

To critics, his actions reeked of the white conquest of indigenous lands that brought Hawaii into the United States in 1893.

let it be known this season that she is getting to work with her modeling career!

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Reading your blog has been so useful to me over the last 2 months of intense dating, thank you.

I’m 34, attractive to people who like my physical type, and I do okay – many men like me, and I like some of them back.

I have the usual frustrations with bad dates, vapor trails, and the men who are just emotionally available enough to keep me around but won’t let anything progress, but I’ve learned to accept this as part of the ride.

The question of land ownership stems from the privatization of Hawaiian land by The Kuleana Act of 1850 and the ensuing controversy.

Prior to the act, Hawaiians did not have private land ownership.

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