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'It took me weeks to settle into a life without my son, to know that joy felt different without his laughter in the mix, and to realize that I was glad to have a little hole in my joy that could never be patched.It was a space reserved for Joel and I didn't want it filled.Green told Wired the idea to make a videogame about Joel came to him 'in church, as he reflected on a harrowing evening a couple of years earlier when Joel was dehydrated and diarrheal, unable to drink anything without vomiting it back up, feverish, howling, and inconsolable' 'The days since Joel's death have been filled with more grace than seems possible, as the Green family remember Joel and miss him and wish things could have been different, but now must learn what it means to be a family without him,' the family wrote on the game's website.

Jamie is Jessica's childhood friend who resides in Menasha, Wisconsin.After a day trip to Appleton to see friends and family, Jessica arrived home to Joel dressed nicely, the fireplace going and Joel being persistent about Jessica taking off her coat and bringing a few things upstairs.Once back downstairs Joel told Jessica that Jake (their Cockapoo) had a special ornament for the Christmas tree.Lemon Rosemary Chicken - Lemon-rosemary chicken with a lemon caper au jus served with linguine pasta and chef's choice vegetables.Sweet Potato Crusted Cod - Cod fillet encrusted with shredded sweet potatoes served with rice pilaf and chef's choice vegetables Vegetable Neapolitan - Grilled zucchini, tomatoes, and spinach layered with portabella mushroom caps.

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