Dating fiestaware marks

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From April 1935 to December 1937 the Tropico Pottery also produced a line of artware and mixing bowls which became part of the Franciscan product line.Catalina Ware and Catalina Art Ware were originally made by Santa Catalina Island Co., Avalon, CA. Early wares have "Catalina" inscribed into the piece.

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There are characteristics that mark a piece as an earlier version than the rest.Also, there are factory flaws that can also effect price.These factory flaws commonly include small chips around the stilt marks, drips, runs, light or bare patches in the glaze, firing cracks in the pottery, sand bumbs, glazed over chips, and glaze pops, Tolerance for factory flaws is also variable.We suggest a multi-faceted approach of determining price.Fiestaware pricing can be checked at our suggested websites, looked up in our suggested books, and by reading our Fiestaware Pricing and Fiestaware Identification pages. Even the slightest "ding", or "chip", or "fleabite", or "rub", or "flake", or "nick" can cut the value in half.

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