Dating and valuing antique china

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Daguerreotypes featuring outdoor or street scenes are far rarer.In the mid-1850s, ambrotypes replaced the daguerreotype.Specialty dishes like square cake plates may be valued more or less depending on factors similar to those listed above and the materials used in their creation.Depression era glassware is commonly found on the antiques collection circuit, but figuring out what pieces are worth the most can be difficult.From Mathew Brady's Civil War photos to Ansel Adams' landscapes to Irving Penn's magazine shots, antique and vintage photographs are highly collectible. By the mid-1840s, they were affordable for the average person, and it is therefore relatively easy to find old daguerreotypes today.

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For example, the word ERIE or “ERIE” was stamped on the bottoms of Griswold skillets through 1909, but in 1874, Griswold also began to combine the stamped word ERIE with a depiction of a spider in a web.Whether you're interested in stamps, dolls, coins or something more personal, building a collection can be a fulfilling lifetime hobby.Learn about pricing, restoration, and the particulars of your niche in this collection.Knowing the worth of your antique dishes -- whether they are glassware or china -- is essential for insurance and resale purposes.It's also good to know a baseline price when you look for additions for your collection.

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