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1 Gemini 2 Cancer 3 Cancer 4 Cancer 5 Leo 6 Leo 7 Virgo 8 Virgo 9 Libra 10 Libra 11 Libra 12 Scorpio 13 Scorpio 14 Sagittarius 15 Sagittarius 16 Sagittarius 17 Capricorn 18 Capricorn 19 Aquarius 20 Aquarius 21 Aquarius 22 Pisces 23 Pisces 24 Aries 25 Aries 26 Taurus 27 Taurus 28 Gemini 29 Gemini 30 Cancer See your customized Moon Phase Calendar. Sometimes the other planets appear to be traveling backward through the zodiac; this is an illusion. Mercury’s retrograde periods can cause our plans to go awry.However, this is an excellent time to reflect on the past.

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There are 2 ways that you can test on your mobile device: How do I become a webcam tester?

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