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Freelance writing was what helped me transition from working two day jobs to working full-time online.

If you’re a decent writer and looking for online work that will bring fast pay, this is one option to consider.

Lacking spousal backup, how do people manage work commitments, life’s curveballs and parenting duties without something getting lost in the shuffle?

As my married colleagues commiserated, I burst out laughing and said, “Welcome to my life!

Recently, during a break at the office, my colleague Carolyn was venting about how her husband was going out of town for a week—and how she had no idea how she’d manage: How would she get the kids off to school and arrive at work on time, showered, sane and stain-free?

How would she juggle a Power Point presentation two days away with dinner prep, homework, bathtime and bedtime, not to mention the newly discovered leaky roof, all falling on ?

In a Darwinian sense, we have adapted to our environment and have evolved—by freakish fate—into a stronger species.

“Ladies,” I said, holding court in the kitchenette, “let me share.” Full disclosure: The home I share with my 7-year-old son, Zachary, is hardly a tableau of organized perfection.

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Carolyn and my other mom colleagues realized that maybe I knew something they needed to know (aha moment), that maybe single moms aren’t forever frazzled but, rather, necessarily resourceful.

I’ve learned a lot over the years about finding quality freelance writing positions and have outlined everything I know in this post: How to Get Freelance Blogging Jobs if You’re Starting from Scratch.

However, blogging is in no way, shape or form easy income.

It’s hard enough being a working mom, but what if you’re a single mom?

Before you start the pity party, read how we enterprising solo moms make it work—and maybe get a helpful tip or two in the bargain.

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