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Broadcasting complaints commissioner Linda Venter said‚ “The fact that these children were not the complainant’s own children‚ probably made it even more embarrassing‚ since where parents would usually know their own children well and would know how to approach any questions or remarks in such circumstances‚ this was not the case here.”“Discussions of this nature are essentially inappropriate on radio at times when children might be in the audience and would be beyond the contemporary South African standard of tolerance‚” said Venter.East Coast Radio acknowledged that the content was inappropriate‚ apologised and said the matter would be addressed urgently with the producer of the show and his team.

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In December, a federal judge in Los Angeles sentenced Christopher Chaney of Florida to 10 years in prison after he broke into the personal online accounts of Scarlett Johansson, Christina Aguilera and other women and posted nude photos and other material on the Internet.

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