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Single player content includes his Let's Build series where he creates large Minecraft builds filmed in time-lapse form, often based on a film setting or for future survival gameplay.

Other than Minecraft content, he plays indie games in his series, Sjindie Games, and often features multiplayer gaming in games like Grand Theft Auto V and Garry's Mod on and off his main channel.

At the heart of the headlines and contention, however, is the music.

In the space of 4 years, Lana has released three albums, one of which has sold over a million copies in the UK.

I felt like I wanted to do something creative and join in this community! Which of your videos did you most enjoy creating and why?

All my collaborative videos were great fun to film!

Twitter accounts added to the Block Bot contained a staggering number of journalists, academics and public figures.

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Many of these are documented on Hopkins’ private blog.And it looks like he's set for big things, including being the new presenter for BBC Radio 1's Request Show from January 2013.Find out about his views about life on You Tube, Delia Smith and dating fans... I suppose it's quite a beautiful word in many ways.The duo have also done a two animated series together, Spacemen and Ninjas that feature a pixelated art style.Sjin, along with Nilesy, has also produced Diamonds In The Rough, a popular Minecraft parkour map series that they consider "hidden gems".

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