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Arriving on the Colombian coast to run a surf camp with his eager brother (Corbet), Nick meets the beautiful Maria (Traisac), and quickly falls for her, before meeting her uncle, Pablo Escobar (del Toro). The sunny beaches provide a notable visual contrast to the murkier scenes that follow, as Nick gradually realizes the extent of Escobar's power.

The movie, and plot, are both excellent but the main focus is not Escobar himself, and his story was not fully told but rather a story of this white dude who becomes friends with him and gets in trouble.I think this would have made a great movie if it didn't have the title of "Escobar" because it really isn't a movie about him.Escobar (character) appeared in many other great movies but wasn't the main focus, and that worked.When Nick is hiding in the car, there is a hole in the cover that is projecting a focused circle of light on his face.In reality, the overcast weather would produce very diffused light and therefore the light projected on Nick's face would be a soft glow, not a focused circle.

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