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The Frst organic molecules were thought to have formed from lightning passing through Earth’s early atmosphere.• In the Miller and Ulrich experiment, these two scientists took all the materials (inorganic chemicals) that they believed were in Earth’s early atmosphere...Carbon 14 is formed in the atmosphere and is absorbed by plants.Carbon 14 has a half-life of 5,700 years and decays to more stable forms of carbon (carbon 12 and 13).• Earth formed about 4.6 billion years ago • Life Frst appeared about 4 billion years ago Notice how relatively recent humans' appearance onto Earth was, and how much time passed by before photosynthesis began on Earth.Ma = million years ago Ga = billion years ago E arth F orms & L i FE B Egins Page 2 of 2 Biology Living things are made up of organic molecules.

The Frst life forms appeared about 4 billion years ago and were microscopic, single-celled organisms.

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Earth started out as a jumble of gases and inorganic materials that later reacted together and formed organic materials, which made way for prokaryotic cells and later eukaryotic cells to form.

We know this by looking at the fossil record, and we measure the age of the fossil through absolute and relative dating Key Terms Timeline of Earth’s History Big Picture Image Credit: Hardwigg, Public Domain Here is a Fgure depicting the history of the Earth, displaying each milestone.

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